This past spring, I did something really cool and I may have been the world’s first to create such an experience for myself and a global academic community.

My drag persona, Juhnay Arabesque (phonetically pronounced “JUH-NAY”), was the Emcee of the 114th Commencement Ceremony at San Francisco’s California College of…

Mother’s Day: [silence]

Father’s Day: [more silence]

[annual cycle repeats]

Each year, as I get older, wiser, and more liberated, these holidays become easier to deconstruct, reconstruct, and digest — to make sense of such a layered holiday that’s trapped in outdated American ideals, gender binaries, and antiquated feminist values.

During my first year at Boston University, I completed an introductory writing research course titled, “African American Voices,” and learned a distinction that edified my racial identity and affirmed a sentiment on which I’ve been ruminating since childhood: There is a distinct application between using the terms, “African American” and…

Paul Renolis

Artist. Creative. Writer.

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