• Fiona MacNeill

    Fiona MacNeill

    EdTech-head, MSc #UX student, #iot researcher, #gamification enthusiast. My views are my own.

  • April Wilson

    April Wilson

    Political philosopher, long-time college instructor of Politics, Government, and Political Philosophy. Animal lover. Tree hugger. Culture critic.

  • Michael Casselli

    Michael Casselli

  • Kate Peksa

    Kate Peksa

  • DM Shepard

    DM Shepard

    Electrical Engineer on sabbatical and author of North of Normal Tales. writing about turning 31 acres of Alaska Wilderness into an off-grid retreat

  • Tabasco Marasco

    Tabasco Marasco

  • Emerge 180

    Emerge 180

    Emerge was born out of the ideal that small business is the driving force behind the US economy.

  • Fay Abernethy

    Fay Abernethy

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